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Saturday, April 12, 2008

watching moVie by Syamsul Yusof Haslam..

on Thursday i going out wif Mr.Mazury.. were going watching KL Drift..huhu..
on the way go there he drive drift...ahaksss...
and i said to him... "b,nape bwk laju nie?" n he said
"nnt x sempat nk tgk cite kl drift..coz cite tu start kul 9.20 p.m n nnt x dpt twin seat la sayg.."
"owhh..that's why b bwk kete mcm nk drift..hihihihi..."
bile smpai sane...nsib baik dapat twin seat n citer kl drift tu ader..
wa sgt best....citer dia mmg best... dr 5 star i give 4 star...
congrasss to syamsul coz success
do a real movie drift.. yeahhh....

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